What Makes Us Different

1. Unsecured Lending

We provide financing without collateral (security). Whereas with other lenders, in most cases you must have some type of asset in order to get funding, with Island Finance you do not need any assets to pledge. Your assets such as savings, car or property remain free for your use (unencumbered) and you still get the benefit of the funds you borrow.

2. Minimal Documents

The documents we require are very basic and easy for anyone to obtain. In short, all you need to do is identify yourself and show that you are employed. No complicated legal documents, no legal fees, no deeds, no mortgages, no running around…

3. Very Quick Turnaround

If your documents are in order, you can get a loan on the same day you apply; it could take just a few hours.

4. Comfortable Installments

We work with our customers to give them an installment that they can afford to pay so that you can comfortably service your loan and still meet your other expenses.

5. No Penalties

There are no penalties for paying off early or paying more than your installment. So you reduce your interest but still pay no penalty.

6. Customer Relationship

With other financial institutions, most times you need to have an established relationship before you get loans. You may need to have deposit accounts, shares or other previous business to make your borrowing easy. But at Island Finance, we don’t need any long, previous relationship. You can be totally new to us and we treat you the same. As long as you have the basic documents we require, you get the same special service.

7. Always there for our customers

Your relationship with us can last your lifetime. As long as you continue to meet your commitments to service your loan, we will continue to provide you with all the financing for which you are qualified, for as long as you need.